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Propane is a smart choice for your residential energy needs, including furnaces, cookstoves, hot-water heaters, fireplaces, clothes drying, and outdoor living.

Gasco Propane is your best choice, offering the following unique benefits:

  • Tank leasing, rentals, and out-right purchases
  • Route, Will Call, and Flexible Payment Options.
    We accept Cash, Money Order, Cashier’s Check, Personal/Business Check,
    Visa, Mastercard Discover ONLINE, upon delivery, over the phone, or in
    our office M-F 8 am-5 pm or Sat. 8 am-12 pm
  • Professional, knowledgable, & certified Service Technicians & Delivery Drivers
  • New & used above ground or undergound 120, 250, 500, 1000 gallon tanks available
    for lease, rent, or purchase
  • 24/7 Emergency Contact - 1.800.262.8668


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We serve all of central Missouri, offering the friendliness of a home-town propane supplier, while providing the experience & professional service our customers have come to depend upon. Our customers expect Gasco to service all their propane needs such as: home-heating, hot-water, cooking, cleaning, & outdoor living.



Outdoor Living
BBQ Grills, Pool Heater, Hot Tub Heaters, Fire Pits, Outdoor Propane Lights, Outdoor Propane Torches, Outdoor Propane Heaters

Inside Home
Kitchen: Stove-Top & Oven
Laundry: Hot Water & Clothes Dryer
Living/Dining/Bedroom: Propane Fireplace
General Home: Furnace, Rinnai Tankless Hot Water Heaters, unvented wall heaters, space
Heaters, back-up generator


  • Get Clean by Going Green While Saving Green
  • Dependability-Works when other energy resources
    are unavailable during an electricity outage
  • Flexibilty- Sure to meet all your RESIDENTIAL, COMMERCIAL, OR AGRICULTURE Propane Needs
  • Affordability- Cheaper than electric, flexible payment plane to fit any budget
  • Safe & Reliable


Convenient delivery schedules, flexible payment options, reliable, dependable,
& friendly service are only a few of the benefits of Gasco’s propane service!
Be Sure To Check Out Our Summer Programs beginning May 1, 2013!!!

Even Pay

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Let us help you get a jump-start on winter by creating a personal propane budget tailored to your specific needs & usage. We’ll average your gallons used in prior years while estimating an anticipated cost, which is subject to change due to market fluctuations. We’ll then divide your yearly estimated cost of propane by 12 months to determine a monthly payment.

By beginning in early summer, when usage typically decreases, a credit will accrue saving you the head-ache of a larger bill during the winter months. If your payments exceed your purchases, we will gladly remit to you a refund check no later than the start of the next cycle, or carry over the credit to the next term to save you yet again. You will automatically receive discounts & be kept on a regular route so you don’t have to worry about watching your tank or running out of gas in the middle of winter.





Pre-Purchase Runs until Sept. 30, 2013

Download Our Brochure

Purchasing your propane for next winter may be the answer for those seeking stability in our ever changing economy. Historically, prices decrease during the summer months when inventory is high & usage low while expectedly increasing during the more crucial months, like winter. Gasco has you covered though. At any time beginning May 1, 2010 through September 30, 2011, we’ll let you lock in the summer price on that date plus a small fee for storing the gas until delivery.  We will estimate the gallons you typically use during the fall, winter, & early spring months & then guarantee our mutually agreed upon number of gallons at that price for that day. All discounts will have already been calculated at the date of the contract & you will be kept on regular route eliminating the nuisance of trudging through the snow to keep an eye on your tank or running out of gas in the dead of winter.

Gasco would like to point out that although the benefits of the program are great & may save you, the customer, significant cost, there may be some important drawbacks to consider. Unfortunately, we can’t predict the future or what the market will do. There is always the possibility that the propane market could hold steady at the summer price well into fall & winter, or may even decrease resulting in a higher contracted price. While we have had some experience with this situation, the customer who participates in the program year-to-year, comes out ahead. In addition, your account must be a zero balance.

Another aspect to consider, pre-purchasing your propane gallons for such a long period of time could require a significant investment.  We do have some payment options that are available based on your credit history with our company, but the balance must be paid in full by September 30, 2011 or the contract will be considered void.


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Missouri Propane Gas Association
National Propane Gas Association

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